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New competence for trainers

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First Press Release MOVE Project

The MOVE project intends to take up the challenge launched by European policies with the new 2014-2020 programming period, and to re-launch the sport sector together with its fundamental values of inclusion, aggregation and education. The project is firmly convinced that sport implies a strong educational and social value, above all in its declination of grassroots sport.
So, it points at “coaches”. Indeed, MOVE intends to elaborate a “Training Unit” to be incorporated in the training path directed to Sport Executives and Technicians for the acquisition of socio-educational competences, a transferrable and recognizable training model, as envisaged by the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European Credits in Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).
The project has been designed as a “journey” in stages, which encompasses activities of research, survey and study on the collected data. The second core of activities implies the elaboration and in-depth study for the purpose of defining a Training Unit and the related Methodological Guide, in order to encourage the adoption of a model by training systems throughout the European countries.
The four project partners are Poland, Hungary, Greece and Italy. The first activity foreseen is Research on national policies on promoting sport activity, the existing training systems and qualifications, and a Cognitive Analysis through the administration of questionnaires, on the Training Needs of Sport Executives and Technicians.
Various “key stakeholders” will be involved who, in several respects, contribute to defining a strategy on policy, training and the sport sector of reference. Their contribution is a relevant viewpoint to help understand what today’s vision of sport is - sport intended as a part of the local and national welfare system, and what it is possible to imagine for the future, in order to enhance its value of inclusion and aggregation.
The MOVE project first originated from the fine fable of Leicester, the low-ranked team who this year, won in advance the English soccer championship led by the Italian trainer Gentile Claudio Ranieri, but it is moving along the same path: that of enhancement of competences and potentials, which are built thank to the relationships developing in the sport sector.
The idea is to realize a Comparative Report incorporating studies and analyses conducted in each partner country, thus returning a clear and effective picture of the existing training systems, of the types of qualifications, of the training needs and the skills that are considered to be important to respond to the new needs emerging from social changes, as well as to support European growth in the perspective of a sustainable, smart and inclusive growth.
The path, which will come to an end in 2017, aims at providing a framework contribution to the EU 2020strategy, which identifies in sport an important sector for fostering growth, employment, social inclusion and health.

Deepening and Information
Organisation: Ufficio Progetti CSEN Nazionale
Contact Person: Andrea Bruni - Project manager - 339 8907156
Address: Via Ilaria Alpi 3, Rome
Country: Italy
Phone: +39 06.3328421
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MOVE- Movement Valorize Europe

MOVE- Movement Valorize Europe- New skills for trainers comes from the awareness that amateur sport is an increasingly important economic sector in Europe and training of operators active in this field could be strategic.

Sport professionals are crucial for issues as psychophysical wellbeing of the population and social inclusion, thus almost representing a sort of “hinge” between educational, health and social systems.

The main objective of MOVE is that of designing, through a process of research and analysis, Competence Learning Units in order to strengthen strategic and cross-sectional competence dimensions (as the relational, multicultural, that of empowerment and resilience, etc.) of the different professional figures (instructors, teachers, trainers, sports managers, operators, etc.) regardless of their specific sport discipline.

For this reason MOVE has built a partnership (Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Poland) between national sports associations, universities and VET providers, thus including various approaches and experiences.
The main objectives of MOVE activities are:
to qualify the training offer for sport operators introducing the theme of competences;
to improve the ability of professionals to appreciate the needs of the people they work with
to enhance the potential of the sport sector to influence the wellness of people
to contribute to the acknowledgment of titles and qualifications in Europe and increase trust between the different systems.

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