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28-29 September 2016: 2nd International Meeting

On 28 and 29 September 2016 in Gdansk, Poland, the 2nd transnational meeting of the Move project partners is held. The two-day meeting focuses on finalising the definition of the research to be carried out during the following months, October, November and December 2016. The survey, on which all partners’ commitment will be dedicated with remarks and in-depth analysis during the two-day meeting, is the 2nd output foreseen by the project: It intends to analyse the motivations that lead people to practice sport and the motivations behind the choice of practising no sport at all. In brief, the intention is to examine what needs motivate and demotivate people to practice sport activities. Like in the previous research, a guide will be elaborated to allow all partners to collect data in a homogeneous way for the purpose of study and data analysis.

The analysis of the data collected through the second survey together with the data of the comparative report, the result of the first study-research, will be utilized to elaborate the first draft training unit for sport managers and operators, the key goal of the project.

Part of the job will be also dedicated to the plenary session concerning the 1st output of the realized concept “Competences For Activation”, the strategic role of professional sport in the processes of social inclusion. the STUDY ANALYSIS edited by the partners National Sports Academy "VassilLevski"where a study analysis on training needs of sport managers and instructors was carried out. Furthermore, the state of play of the project will be discussed, together with the implementation of the Move platform and in-depth analyses on administrative and management aspects.

Attached is the agenda of the 2ndTransnational Meeting.




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