October 2016: Start-up of the 2nd Survey

The questionnaire is designed with the aim to collect data concerning what needs encourage people to practise or prevent them from practicing sport activity on a regular basis.
The questionnaire is to be finalized during the 2nd transnational meeting and will be submitted to 600 people – athletes and non-athletes, the two main categories of project beneficiaries, the young and the elderly.
Out of 600 questionnaires, 200 will be the result of the research conducted in Italy, 200 of the research conducted in Poland, 100 in Bulgaria and 100 in Greece. The sample used by the research will be those who practise and those who do not practise sport, and the questionnaire can either be filled in on line through the Move platform, or directly submitted.
Like in the previous Research, a guide will be elaborated, so as to allow all partners to collect data in a homogeneous manner for the purpose of study and data analysis.
The analysis of the collected data will be used to elaborate the first draft training unit for sport managers and operators, the key goal of the project.