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Strategic competences for sport technician/trainer,


29th september at 9.30 Learning Units for competences and the guidelines for trainers will be presented

LOGO MOVEThe 29th September at 9.30 at Spazio Europa, managed by Information Office in Italy of European Parliament and European Commission’s Representation in Italy, at Via IV Novembre 149 in Rome, will take place the final event of the MOVE project Movement Valorize Europe: New Competence for Trainer and the submission of final outputs of the project: Learning Units for competences and the guidelines for trainers.

Move is co-financed project by European Union in Erasmus+ strategic partnerships, implemented by “Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale” (CSEN), University of Roma Tre – Higher Education department, People srl Projects and induction for the Empowerment, National Sports Academy in Bulgaria, University of Sports Science in Poland, Sports Association Promitheas in Greece.

The project want to contribute to develop the European policies in sport as inclusion and well-being tool. The project address the strategic competences of sport technician/trainer, that have to be competent at relational level, a partner that have to develop (through sports) good experiences, with childhood, adolescents, disabilities and adults.

The project, after the development of researches and interviews inducted to know educational systems and the training needs of sport technician in the 4 Countries has continued in his run realizing a search to know the motivations that push the people to practise sport with continuity or contrarily not to practise sport.
The data analysis is the base for the thought about the elaboration of Learning Units for competences.

The proposals of the Learning Units for the competences will be used for the training toward to sport technician in order to address new challenges and to have better replies for the new requests by sport branch.
The document is divided in two parts. The first is about the theoretical system of the UAC referred to (identified) strategic competences area, methodological approach, target and monitoring/evaluation system used. The second part includes the articulation of the different Learning Units for Competences finalized to the training and identified beginning from the most important nucleuses of competence emerged by the realized searches.

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