1° Meeting in Patras - 10-11 December 2015
Exchange and sharing of the goals, actions and project time schedule. In-depth analysis on administrative aspects for economic budgeting. Presentation of the paper "Competence Pattern for Sport".
Elaboration of the National Paper (of each partner country) on training systems and needs of sport coaches at educational level.
Elaboration of a guidance paper of the Template research.
Elaboration of the questionnaires.
Country research on training needs of sport instructors from each participating country.
Administration country of questionnaires to sport operators in each partner country, part of which to key stakeholders of training policies (decision-makers, universities, etc.) according to the following:
- Bulgaria n. 60 questionnaires
- Greece n. 60 questionnaires
- Italy n. 90 questionnaires
- Poland n. 90 questionnaires
Country Report with the data emerged by the Research and by the data elaborated in the questionnaires.
Skype meetings. Exchange and sharing ideas on the project actions.
Realization of a final report including all country reports elaborated by partner countries.
Realization of the intellectual output "COMPETENCES FOR ACTIVATION" by the Bulgarian partners.

2° Meeting in Poland - 28-29 September 2016
Definition of questionnaire 2 directed to young and elderly people who do or do not do sport.
Administration of questionnaire 2 to the project beneficiaries (young/elderly) who do or do not do sport according to the following:
- Bulgaria n. 100 questionnaires (50 to athletes/50 to non-athletes)
- Greece n. 100 questionnaires (50 to athletes/50 to non-athletes)
- Italy n. 200 questionnaires (100 to athletes/100 to non-athletes)
- Poland n. 200 questionnaires (100 to athletes/100 to non-athletes)
Country report on the data of the questionnaire and production in English of the country report to the Polish partner.
Realization of the intellectual output "MOVE COMPETENCES LEARNING UNIT" by the Polish partner.
Participation of the partners in Skype meetings. Sharing ideas on the training model proposal formulated by the Italian partner.

3° Meeting in Bulgaria March 2017
Exchange on the draft training model produced by Università Roma Tre and contingent proposed changes.
Experimentation of the training model elaborated by each partner country with at least 10 students, among which:
- methodological consistency and training innovation
- compliance of the model with the training systems of each partner country
- appraisal of the learning outcomes
The evaluation questionnaires forwarded by the participants in the training model related to their video testimony, will contribute to defining a learning strategy, whose methodology will result to be effective and transferrable.
Realization of the intellectual output "MOVE CLU METHODOLOGY USER'S GUIDE" by People (IT).

Realization of a Collaborative Platform by CSEN (IT).
The Platform aims to encourage the diffusion of the project and its results to a large public at both national and European level, and intends to be an open tool to ease collaboration among the partners.
The Web Platform:
-encourages the exchange and collection of information
-manages the diffusion of the questionnaires to ease the broadest participation of beneficiaries as possible
-welcomes external contributions from other European countries
-fosters the Communication Plan
-enables to upload/download the project documents
-published photos and videos of the various project activities
One section of the Web Platform will be dedicated to the hyperlinks of merit of the entire partnership, to the institutional web sites of the partner countries, to web sites concerning the sector.

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