hcaNational Sports Academy (NSA) is a specialized higher education institution in the Bulgarian university system with more than 70 years of history. NSA is the only university fully specialized in sports science in Bulgaria and one of the few sports universities in Europe. The higher school has achieved highest score of the accreditation by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of the Republic of Bulgaria and holds the leading position in the ranking system of university structures in the field of sports education.
The Sports Academy was founded in 1942 to meet the need for PE teachers in the dynamically developing Bulgarian state and its goals of creating a generation of healthy and energetic young people. In the course of the years and with the accumulation of educational and research experience there appeared a need for even closer cooperation between on one hand sports / sports education and science, on the other hand. Society expects high professionalism and competences of coaches of elite and amateur teams, teachers, and other specialists in the teams of elite athletes.
On this basis, study programs and curricula are gradually developed that have been united in three faculties:
- Faculty of Coaching
- Faculty of Physical Education (Teacher training faculty)
- Faculty of Kinesitherapy, tourism and sports animation
The Academy organizes educational programs in the field of sports and sports-related activities at Bachelor, Master and Doctor’s degree. Scientific activities are carried out by the Center for scientific and applied activities in sport and at the main research units in the structure of the Academy – the departments. Since the first degree of their studies students have access to scientific equipment and research activities. They are enabled to participate in teams for project activities, as well as for inclusion in the clubs of the academy which cover 42 sports, develop active athletes and work with children and youth.
Dormitories, recreation and nutrition places, a medical care center and a service for career guidance and counseling are available to NSA students.
Education at all levels is consistent with the qualifications framework for higher education in the European Higher Education Area. Full compliance of the educational process at the NSA with the criteria of the Bologna process ranks the NSA among European universities with transparent and comprehensible qualifications, easy recognition of diplomas on the labor market and in continuing education, good student mobility and an opportunity of combining national and international characteristics during the study process.
The main priority in the mission of the NSA is to preserve and develop the prestige of research and the high quality of education for the needs of the national and European sports. For this purpose, the Academy devotes much of its efforts to research activities, as well as to the links to the actual users of sport science in professional conditions. Given the fact that sport science belongs to the field of applied sciences the NSA has developed a creative environment of "science in sport and sport in science". The Academy has established close contacts with the national levels of governance and organization of the sports movement by student internships, joint projects with national federations and qualification training of coaches for the needs of sports clubs over the country.
National Sports Academy of Sofia has over 3200 students, 300 teachers and 250 employees as administrative and technical staff.
Students are involved in university research activities in each of the faculties and at each educational level. Coaches, teachers and specialists in sports activities (physiotherapists, entertainers, sports journalists, commentators, experts in sport and security, etc.) receive excellent training not only for practical professional activities, but also for independent studies and analyzing data for practical purposes.
NSA cooperates with a number of academic institutions and sports organizations worldwide. The Academy’s strategy for international cooperation is focused on the priority to encourage every student and teacher to involve in activities such as mobility for learning or teaching, participation in international scientific and educational events, participation in European and international projects and others. The Academy has established itself as an attractive sport education institution for Erasmus mobility of students from different European countries. Quality of preparation and the opportunities for practical work during the exchange studies are highly appreciated by Erasmus students which choose NSA as a host academic institution.
The Academy has been fulfilling its social mission of spreading sports education since the very beginning of sports education - all departments of sport at the 51 Bulgarian academic institutions (which subsequently develop their role in sport science) are created with initial resources, methodological and personnel support provided by the National Sports Academy.
The National Sports Academy is named after the most outstanding national hero for freedom and human equality - Vasil Levski. Premises for training and sports facilities are located in one of the youngest and most dynamic districts of the capital - Students town, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, which is an integral part of the face of Sofia. website link

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