greciaThe "A.S.P. PROMITHEAS" is a sports’ association founded in 1985 in Patras by its love for healthy sport. All these years A.S.P. PROMITHEAS is active in sports such as basketball, table tennis and chess. The section of chess trains 60 children, the newer part of ping-pong around 20 children but mainly A.S.P. PROMITHEAS basketball academy is currently working with 300 young kids- active participants, our Men’s team participates in B National Division in Greece and consists by 16 players and 3 coaches. The Men’s team acts not only as role models for the young players, but also teaches them life values through sports. While working with the new generation and influencing them with the right values through the game of basketball, wrong perceptions can be changed, gaps can be bridged, conflicts can be solved and in this way, contribute in the creation of a better society for everyone.

ASP Promitheas has recently created a new student-athlete sport scholarship program called "NOUS". "NOUS" in Greek means MIND. NOUS is a pioneering program in Greece with a purpose to combine sports and education by giving the opportunity to youth talented athletes that come from economical disadvantaged families to develop at the maximum their athletic and educational capabilities. The scholarship includes housing, nutrition, athletic gear and studies at a private or in a public experimental high school. Children enrolled in the program are under the daily care of ASP PROMITHEAS, with the help of a network of sports' coaches, trainer, physical therapist, physician, nutritionist and psychologist, and educational experienced teachers, who are responsible for their education. The program is under the authority and guidance of the Federal coach Kostas Missas while at the end of the school year they will be assessed on their way both sports and learning. If an athlete is indifferent or workouts either for schoolwork, then the scholarship will stop. By creating this program ASP PROMITHEAS gives them the necessarily supplies to get into a University, study and graduate with a degree that will be useful in order to work after their athletic career or work and play at the same time sports.
A.S.P Promitheas has gained European experiences by visiting Britain and specifically London where the team played scrimmage games exchanged ideas and made fruitful connections in order to cooperate with other club teams from Britain in the future. In June 2014 Promitheas was invited by Nesodden IF a basketball academy and PeacePlayers-Cyprus to organize a Lead for Peace basketball camp for youth in Norway. The main purpose of the camp was to train young athletes from Norway and Cyprus in the age of 17 how to be leaders and coaches for younger aged athletes. website link

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