aszThe Polish University Sports Association (AZS) is the biggest students organisation in Poland. AZS as the association was established in 1909 in Krakow. As precursor of university sport movement, the AZS has actively participated in international students sport events since the very beginning. The Students World Championships of 1924 considered as first university championships have been organised in Warsaw. After the Second World War when the International University Sport Federation - FISU was created, AZS was among the first federations to join it. Nowadays AZS Poland has got over 40 000 members, main board in Warsaw, 17 regional boards, over 250 university clubs.
Among main activities we can enumerate organisation of competitions and tournaments between universities, high-schools and colleges at local, regional and national level. These are series of 80 events played in 43 disciplines (AMP) and more than 17 000 participants per year. Among cups and tournaments, there are events organised for disabled competitors. Number of seminars and conferences are organised each year in order to promote sport values and to form pro-sport attitude in the society. The AZS provides education and training system for coaches, leaders and volunteers.
The AZS is based on a Statue, which includes our main purposes such as: promotion of volunteering, national identify and European integration, actions for handicapped and against pathologies or addictions. We also encourage to take responsibility for the local environment.
Around 8000 athletes, registered in National Sports Federations practice in AZS clubs (20 percent of the Polish national team are members of AZS). Among them Olympic, Universiade and World Championships medallists. Every year, University Championships of Poland (MP AZS) which gather about 2500 participants create an opportunity for athletes to prepare to national leagues and championships.
Annually, the AZS organises summer and winter camps for students. Promotion of active tourism is also one of the main aims of the association. Each AZS club proposes to students rallies and excursions that permit to socialise by discovering the beauty of the country. Number of international youth exchanges promoting culture, sport and European integration are organised every year.
The AZS is its many partners, ID's of the AZS and member system, that gives insurance and benefits. It is also three Central Complexes of Academic Sport (in Gorki Zachodnie, Wilkasy and Zieleniec). The AZS has also its own media: magazine "Akademicki Przeglad Sportowy" (which is being published for dozens of years), websites, newsletters, Facebook profile and even AZS television.
The AZS is an active member of FISU and EUSA since their creation. Marian Dymalski is vice-president of EC FISU, and Adam Roczek is a president of EUSA. The representation of Polish AZS members in the governing bodies of these international federations results from a very active presence of AZS within FISU and EUSA events, both as participants and as organisers. We organized many competitions: two times Winter Universiades in Zakopane (1993 and 2001), World University Championships (21 events, i.a. karate, match racing, bridge, wrestling, futsal, handball, canoe sprint, shooting, speed skating), European Universities Championships (17 events, i.a. basketball, badminton, football). AZS Poland was also the host of 9th FISU Forum (2008). In 2014 AZS of Poland organised WUC in chess (Katowice), cycling (Jelenia Gora) and archery (Legnica). In 2015 we hosted EUC in tennis (Wroclaw), futsal (Poznan), sport climbing (Katowice), badminton and bridge (Warsaw).
In 2016 we will organise WUC in bridge (Lodz, 22-28 August), rowing (Poznan, 02-04 September), shooting sport (Bydgoszcz, 14-18 September) and EUC in volleyball (Rzeszow, June 25 - July 2) in 2017.
The AZS is the people, the atmosphere, fun and sport, a way of activity and a chance for staying young for whole life. It is worth to be in the AZS. website link

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