Report Meeting Sofia

29-30 March 2017

29 March, morning – First Part
Polish Partner report on comparative report about national researches on the second questionnaire gave to sport and non-sport people. He set out the main findings, in order to link these data to the report on the first questionnaire about coaches and the draft proposed by Roma 3 University.
Central theme of the meeting was the draft to build, test, verify and (re)project of the CLU.
Some important elements have emerged. Who doesn't practice sport seems to appreciate the importance of the possession of relational skills from the coaches, in comparison to who practice regularly in a structured basis.
In this sense it seems important also the insertion of the tied up training aspects to the theme of the organization, understood also as strategies of attraction toward the sporting practice.
As also the proposal to work on the skills of the sporting educators as builders of meaning and motivation in comparison to the sporting (sport for everybody) practice.
It appears therefore clear, from the overview carried out together, the validity to frame the organizational aspects in the context of the promotion of the educational process of the sport, because the communication toward the outside and the inside (from the sporting educators) results effective.
29 March morning – second part
In absence of Uniroma 3 delegates, People has been submitted the draft prepared by the University.
Exchange among the participants on the general formulation and on the specific articulations of the proposal: trainingobjectives, contents, didactic methods and tools.
29 March afternoon – first part
Self-formative training by CSEN, aimed to test to the representatives of the present partners some possible training activities. Experience has allowed to analyze the relationship among training objectives, methodologies and construction of the activities. Particularly they have been proposed to the group the experiences: "the line of the conviction" on the negotiation and "the blind train" on the theme of the interdependence in the groups.
29 March afternoon – second part
During the de briefing that is followed to the activities, some questions have been set to the partners, linked to the test of the learning units
1. To whom your organization would propose testing?
2. Which learning unit or module?
3. Why?
4. What methodologies and tools you can suggest?

30 March morning
The contents of thework session was the sharing from the partners of the respective Learning Units to test. At the end, these the emerged tests:
- Italy: Empowerment and Team Building (respectively with students of physical education Universities and mixed classroom educators and sports coaches)
- Greece: Intercultural Communication
- Poland: Motivation through the mental coach methodology
- Bulgaria: Interculture
As agreed, the training module should be realized within June 2017.
10 days is the time to postpone a feedback to Uniroma 3 on the Draft and after the tests of May-June, in July the report on pilot test will be realized.
Then, We pick up elements on the next multipliers events in Greece and in Italy.
An explanation is followed on the bank guarantee.

30 March afternoon
The session is concluded with the sharing among partners of a summary of the treated themes, a memo of the future deadlines of the project and an evaluation of the meeting by the participants.

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